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#922 increased attention – better as a giver

Thursday 27th January, 2011

Dear Mariann,

On Facebook, how do you deal with all this increased attention?!

From Beatix via Twitter to @mazphd. I’m Twitter delighted.

Don’t let them talk to you like that! Oh, you mean it’s a compliment. Well, it must be an honour to be on so many Newsfeeds.

I would question the increase attention there. What is it that you have been up to?!I  had a friend who used to work as a ‘buff bachelor’ by night (all very classy I assure you, errr) and he (yes he) was suddenly VERY popular once images were revealed on Facebook. Shame his girlfriend, mother and personal training clients didn’t exactly think the same…Girlfriend didn’t approve of all that ‘unnecessary flirting’, mother was less than amused by all that ‘provocative filth’ and his fitness clients wouldn’t let said man get through the day without mention of his extra curricular bumping and grinding.  Yes, he was (very) popular, but suddenly found that he had to be on his best behaviour all the time, and he became consumed with raging resentment and repressed desires.  Oh, dear.

So a caveat, any increased attention that makes your head swell also equates to a self-induced punishment, either when it is met by disapproval and/or anxiety once all that attention suddenly dies down. You’ll be up all night questioning, ‘What did I do wrong?!’ ‘What happened to all that Poking?’ and so on.

Do we assume that Facebook friends aren’t flakey and that they are a strong asset? or do they reveal company that doesn’t really know you and doesn’t deserve your sweat?

Do not limit yourself to just Facebook attentions. Rather than immediately expressing great enthusiasm only for Facebook freinds, also express enthusiasm from all your friends, family and people with whom you happen to bump into in the street.  Start with face-to-face ejaculations such as, ‘Hello! I never knew you were so three-dimensional,’ and ‘Gosh! That brings tears to my eyes.‘  Not only will your Facebook attention increase, but you might also enjoy some lovely interludes with friends away from the keyboard too.

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