Proper Facebook Etiquette

#925 hysterical!

Wednesday 2nd February, 2011

Dear Mariann,

Writing from a late night at the office, how would you deal with a hysterical co-worker? She’s constantly on Facebook, always running off into the ladies to sob hysterically, then returns to her screen and wails more. We might be friends on Facebook, but I don’t really know her, so I feel like I’m intruding if I keep asking her what’s wrong. Any recommendations?

From Peggy who is photo-ready via email.

Tricky. You’re in the workplace. She’s crying hysterically. Facebook is giving you no clues? Whilst she’s in the bathroom, what about a quick check of her latest status update and any other incoming. Yes, an intrusion on privacy, but isn’t her crying an intrusion on yours?

Alternative approach: Back away. Unfriend. The last thing you want to show is that you’re the one the cry-ers can go to.  Next thing you know your desk will be covered in Kleenex and they’ll be no time for Facebooking. Tragic. Especially when you consider that nice chap from Accounting.

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