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#928 A special post – A Facebook noir, the fear of losing attention

Sunday 13th February, 2011

To you dear reader’s,

Here you will find my Ignite talk for Ignite Newcastle last week.

Facebook the Fear of Losing Attention (2011) features me – Dr Mariann Hardey – fresh from the University of Durham and soft boiled as a Lecturer in Social Media Marketing.  On this evening I was hard boiled, not as the detective, but as a narrator for the first Facebook Noir. This is the toughest yet of my assignments, and by the rule of Ignite this makes this talk a five-minute egg. Welcome to the Facebook-era where social networks probe as a defense of communication and provide a minimal idealism of interaction. Plus Facebook makes for an excellent femme fatal.

As a taster, below is an extract from the best of hardboiled fiction,when we introduce one of four main protagonists, Detective Draper:Facebook. The great normaliser?
Monday, 7th February

The detective: I switched it on and dropped onto the sofa, vodka at my feet, laptop at my side. I drank back a few deep, hot throat-fulls to calm my nerves before logging-on and taking on what’s inside.

Facebook the Fear of Losing Attention – A social network noir

2 Responses to “#928 A special post – A Facebook noir, the fear of losing attention”

  1. Status John says:

    What do I do about the new status change? OK I get in a civil union and but in a domestic partnership? What about Friend with Benefits which is want I want to put out? Facebook is getting too PC. Where is the Living in Sin option??? Can we go back to a simple choice as this makes it easy to escape pressure and say ‘I don’t fit’ !!! Or what about I when they had the “anything I can get” option… those were simpler times.

  2. VAnPour says:

    Just GREAT! Thanks M. Good chance meeting. Here’s to trains.

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