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#929 Status change – trousers on the floor

Saturday 19th February, 2011

Dear Mariann,
What do I do about the new status change? OK I get in a civil union and but in a domestic partnership? What about Friend with Benefits which is want I want to put out? Facebook is getting too PC. Where is the Living in Sin option??? Can we go back to a simple choice as this makes it easy to escape pressure and say ‘I don’t fit’ !!! Or what about I when they had the “anything I can get” option… those were simpler times.
From Status John in reply to special post #329 A Facebook noir

John, how about you simply turn it all off. Really who wants to know how complicated or otherwise your romantic trieste and accompanying status is. Not me. Not them. And, if you’re honest, not you either.

You would never thrust upon someone prior and then during an introductory meeting your ‘status’. You never hear ‘hello, I’m John, I’ve a friend with benefits, but find you attractive, so let’s go back to mine’.  Well perhaps you do, and  I am just ‘hanging out’ in the wrong kinds of places. The status update is not the kind of question that preoccupies anyone else, nor offers up anything than the fate of your trousers situation – as whether on your legs or on the floor. You get to decide whose and which floor.

The impact of Facebook’s own status change on future possibilities reflects a (vain) attempt to pre-empt what we the friend/ly audience are interested in.

But this is your dilemma. And it sounds like a pressurised position that you are in.

Do none of your friends have ‘proper’ relationship status of their own? Do they simply grab at what hovers past their desks, or load up on totty as background noise to the daily grind? A poke here, a financial report there.

This is the sort of commonplace status problem we spend our lives dodging. Classic manuals such as ‘The good wife, with the satisfied husband’ are fine for boosting your bottom line, but they don’t give you much of a direct  sense  of what to do if some sleaze is all FwB (friends with benefits – do pay attention).

Solution to your issue? Suggest you update immediately to ‘married’, I’m saying nothing about ‘living in sin’, but that should raise a few eyebrows amongst your network and set you apart from the jeopardy of (mock shock) ‘single’ status.

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