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#930 rights to stuff

Thursday 24th February, 2011

Different kind of post this time.

I got a call this week from a friend. Let’s call him Henry; ‘Look M. I’ve been dumped not only ON Facebook, but by Facebook’, and then, ‘there’s nobody I’d rather be than her, we’re still ‘in a relationship’ and I don’t want to be single again. I sent her a message. She de-tagged all our photos together. Who owns the rights to our Facebook relationship now?

I’ve just noticed that very, very high relationship status people, like Henry, like having every raise of their personal life, furrow of their brow and curl of their lips sp/read and often start acting impulsively by writing on Walls, and jumping into ‘relationships’, as if they were just coming back from a commercial break – what’s next after these messages? More from Mr John Doe’s relationship update.

Well *yawn*

Henry asked, what would I do? I’m not really like Henry. Nobody would even consider us even strangely alike. In fact, I would lay a considerable wager that the answer is NOT in the stars and assuming that you are privvy to the type of spontaneity and happenstance that relationship status updates seem to offer.

Let the gal de-tag her own pictures, I said. What should you care?

The next day Henry rang again and then appeared on my doorstep, he’d gotten dressed up in a vomit inducing suit, a more than aromatic stinking shirt and scruffy what used to be shoes. This was in a bid Henry said to improve his sympathy profile. Pictures of him appearing forlorn and faceless on Facebook were to appear later. The idea being that Henry was in distress and (quote) ‘ I do not look like a drunk‘ (No(?))!

You’re not being very real are you? I asked. Well the smell was real.

Together, we both logged onto Henry’s Facebook Profile page. We decided to conduct an experiment in identity making and de-tag all his photos, this in a bid to make manageable his image. Now invisible, and well in disguise, Henry spent the afternoon enjoying relative anonymity. All fine, until he forgot that whilst being faceless, he was still very much on Facebook. I hate to call anyone out when they’re trying to forge a new path/identity, but really no-one should update Facebook whilst supposedly doing something ‘very important’ for their boss. Henry’s boss was astonished at how much Henry had done in one afternoon. Nothing to do with work. But admirable in itself in the development of ‘stuff’ and ‘things’.

The lesson here, in terms of who owns the rights to relationships and ‘your stuff’ on Facebook? You don’t, Facebook does, but the boss owns you more. Equally this is not a case of if you do not have a Profile image you can’t be seen. It actually makes you MORE visible, and more liable to get in trouble with the boss.

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  1. Mashie says:

    Should i change my gender on my profile? I’m out but now on the way to being a woman (op in 3 weeks). Should I make up a whole new profile?

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