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#931 Gender mash-up

Monday 28th February, 2011

Dear Mariann,

Should i change my gender on my profile? I’m out but now on the way to being a woman (op in 3 weeks). Should I make up a whole new profile?
From Maashie in reply to post #330 rights to stuff

Too much thinking time Maashie.  New gender; anticipation even more anticipated than Mr Claus’s influence on Christmas day.

Why not post strict instructions to your friends, the kind that say that they are welcome to keep you as ‘friend’ on your present Profile, or follow you to your new (and improved) ‘situation’.

I know of one friend who updated his sexuality in the same way. On one he was ‘single’ and interested in ‘girls’. On his other he was ‘it’s complicated’ and tellingly absent in terms of his sexual interest. Apparently there wasn’t a box for ‘tri-sexual’, as in try anything.

Well done him.

Profile’s are something that you have to ‘do’ yourself. Then drag friends into your page as far enough to one side of being him/her(you) as to allow access to what you are doing and who you are. Think of these pages as a central control room: Some friends will say ‘good work(!)’ and applaud your new gendered status. Others might ignore your update. Even more others might choose to distance themselves. This is their problem, not yours. discard them as easily as you would an empty pot noodle.

My friend had, it turned out, a girlfriend and she wasn’t happy with his new Facebook arrangement. Rather than staring at him uncomprehendingly from her side of a martini glass, she choose instead to ‘cut off his plug’ as she so eloquently put it. In short he was de/unfriended swifter than a poke to a dying fire. Leaving friends to ponder on the new arrangement as hours later he and she were announced as ‘friends’ again on his new ‘it’s complicated’ Profile page. Which just goes to show you never can tell what is going to happen once you place any aspect of your private life (credentials, sexuality, relationship status etc.) in the centre of the room.

The time to indulge in reckless Facebook friending is upon you. Prepare yourself for no-one to bat an eyelid. But your ‘news’ might at least turn up in a connected Newsfeed.


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  1. The Colonel says:

    Dear Sir – I the well respected leader of a country near the Mediterranean. My people have loved me for many years. I always post picture when I’m visiting one of my palaces in Europe or Hawaii (gets a little chilly in the winter). Recently it has been rumoured that a few ungrateful people have been a little critical of me. Can’t understand this as my family has for a long time taken care of such irritations as elections and a media that only upsets people by printing stories about bad things. Anyhow I have even had a few unkind things posted to my wall. My elite security service has not been successful in tracking down these fools – but they must be foreign agitators. Should I just shut Facebook down or is it better to change my status to ‘don’t even think of messing with your leader’?

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