Proper Facebook Etiquette

#932 Expecting on Facebook. Presents mostly.

Tuesday 1st March, 2011

Dear Mariann,
Friends. Lots of friends have announced that they are ‘expecting’ over Facebook. Am I to take it that this means 1. a baby, and 2. the prompting of ‘congratulations’ and appropriate presents. If so, can/how does one opt out. And what else can be done to avoid such updates?
From I.Right via email.

I was just having a coffee when your email came through. In less than two touches of a phone touch screen later and I was informed that a close friend, like yours, is now also expecting. Must be the time of year. From her announcement that read as follows; ‘I am pregnant now, so give me stuff‘, this rather unsurprisingly did not go unnoticed through the friend network. In fact it spread like wildfire.

I was outraged.

The cheek!

I shall from now on be checking the caliber of couples who are friends more closely next time. Then again, you have to admire her gumption. Or rather high expectations of a materialistic scenario. There is a lot to be said for taking advantage of any present depositing opportunity and I suppose if you’re going to carry something around for nine months then you are deserving of some form of congratulations if not an actual gift.

Suggest you buy a present. Then always refer back to this exchange when the inevitable call for baby-sitting services go out.

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