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#936 Lone membership

Monday 14th March, 2011

Dear Mariann,

I started a we ‘Luv Henry’ group a couple of weeks ago. I still only have one member. Why?
From MrH in reply to post #335 Spot of bother.

This is random. Who/m is this Henry to which you refer. The rather large fat one of the VIII is rather over the hill and buried underneath so to speak. Other Henry’s appear as random and fragmentary. I suggest that your group lacks any considerably vigour, as you are unable to provide any notification as to why this Henry is / should be of interest.

Equally, I note that you are a ‘MrH’, so one can assume (safely) that it is a group based upon You. How terribly dull for all concerned. IF we were that interested we would qualify our attentions with length and rigour into your direction toward your Profile Page. Instead, I surmise – do you have any friends?…

Gosh I feel baffled, unfilled and exhausted just from replying to the lack of content from your enquiry.

Kindly desist this ‘luv Henry’ group nonsense and get some real friends.

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  1. Races Help says:

    My brother got tickets from his work to go to the races and so I took a sickie and went to Cheltenham races yesterday. Just had a look at Facebook and he has tagged me in some photos. My manger is a friend and I am worried that she will see them and think that I may not have been ‘ill’. Brother is on a fight so I can’t get him to change Facebook until late tonight. Any suggestions?

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