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#937 Diverted bet

Friday 18th March, 2011

Dear Mariann,
My brother got tickets from his work to go to the races and so I took a sickie and went to Cheltenham races yesterday. Just had a look at Facebook and he has tagged me in some photos. My manger is a friend and I am worried that she will see them and think that I may not have been ‘ill’. Brother is on a fight so I can’t get him to change Facebook until late tonight. Any suggestions?
From Races Help in reply to post #336 lone membership.

Oh, yes this is an easy one. And I shall come to your rescue in your hour/s of need as best betwixt a fairy godmother. One who works on commission of course. I’ll take 90% of your winner in the second thank you.

Back to business, first you do not require any action from your brother to remove said incriminating evidence. What you can do is go to your Privacy settings (top right of any FB page/s) and select Photos and Videos you’re tagged in. Which should read as ‘stupid stuff you’ve done for what there is visual evidence and a trail’.

Anywho, once selected, you can ‘customise’ your settings. My favourite setting is under ‘Things others share’ – for you that will be the source of any incriminating evidence. This is now your chance to batten down the hatches and remove the evidence locker safely.

Photos and videos I’m tagged in; edit settings; ‘only me’ – job done. NOW only YOU can see any incriminating ‘stuff’ and all those tagged pictures of you with some nag or other are the private distraction and attention of your eyes only.

Of course this doesn’t work if your brother seeks to ‘pull’ your manager and in doing so ‘friends’ her and she has access to all his pictures. And there you are! Still this is highly unlikely to happen to as a month of bank holidays. Then again, there is a royal do-dah coming up and I hear that banked days off are particularly prevalent right about now.

What you might want to do is work on your spelling. Quotes, brother ‘on a fight’ – I assumed you meant ‘flight’; then again it could be a ‘fight’, those racing types are ever so threatening you know.

Otherwise I’d just unfriend/defriend your boss. Then she need never know anything. Job done.

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