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#939 Facebooking with the lights off

Thursday 24th March, 2011

Dear Mariann,

OMG do not do Facebook from the iPhone. I sent and up date saying ‘I was having a great bonding time with my ex’ and it came out ‘I was having a great bonding time with my ex’ ‘I was having a great boning time with my ex’. Shame my BF has no sense of humour.

From Bonding Only (really) in reply to post #338 child development via Ms Cross

Just delighted that you posted this dilemma, as recent sticky fingers on the same said technology has led to similar incidence in this gals life.

Lack of humour by bf’s provides quite a source of gauff and rott on Facebook. Much to the amusement of friends.

Where your new beau lacks humour, it is a man-fact that they have particular sensitivity regarding anything and everything ending in ‘ex’.

(Think about it)…

Apply this observation to every situation and you will find things will go inexplicitly your way, or can easily be explained and communicated succinctly and effectively.

The iPhone + Facebook combo is a just a modern day horror; posting before you were ready and then for others to find amusement and hold this against you.

My own handsets latest favourite ‘game’ is to pretend that it hasn’t posted something, leading you to repeatedly hit ‘send’, until you realise this was ‘lies’! all along and now you appear as some neurotic techno Luddite when your comments are repeated.



To avoid the above situation occurring again, rather than ‘ex’, how about posts in relation to an ‘ugly friend’. A horrid identifier I know, but would this help to quell any potential hurt male ego.

Having said that you really shouldn’t have been Facebooking with the lights off…

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