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#940 A case of mistaken identity

Saturday 26th March, 2011

Dear Mariann Mia,

Are you Mia Wasikowska and if so why not come out?

From Mia (rather confusingly) in reply to post #339 Facebooking with the lights off.

Ah, is there more to ‘me’ than my prose? Do I in fact lead a double life as an elegant up-and-coming movie star?

I can categorically announce that whilst I should be In Treatment, I fall happily like Alice in Wonderland into the Restless arms of my alter-ego Profile Albert Nobbs in order survive in social media-dominated 21st-century Facebook world and continue to compose this blog.

But there’s no telling what I could get up to in my spare time. Isn’t just such a bore when you leave your script in a kangaroo…

There that should clear that one up. G’day.

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