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#945 posting my supervisor is fat

Friday 1st April, 2011

Dear Mariann,

OMG I have been told off for posting that my supervisor is fat. This is true and she is known as ‘fat sue’. We all work in a small events company and have just been involved in a slimming festival. So my post was just joking about and Sue would not mind as we all have names we sometimes call each other. That manager is called ‘hands’. Can’t the managers take a joke?

From Sandra in reply to post #343 what you want when you want it.

Sandra, irreproachable! I am *shocked*. I know that this is the same week that our favourite Dr, the doc is buff, Christian Jessen has us wondering if we are supersize or superskinny, but really(!) this is not docu-soap for television scheduling, this is REAL life.

I am sure that Fat Sue is very sensitive about her appearance, especially if her name has pervaded enough to manifest as a dual barrelled taunt. Anyway, Fat Sue is really likely to be, ‘I really don’t give a damn Sue‘, or ‘I rise above it Sue‘. I would be far more concerned about any manager called ‘Hands’.

Are they all hands? Or just fingers and thumbs. What kind of strange company do you work for? Perhaps you’re just especially good at bringing together unique people of the larger proportioned and ambidextrous type.

To this end, it would do one good to remember that humour on Facebook can be articulated in many strange and fabulous ways. That aside commentary on your working day which at the time appears as flippant and light, can easily bleed over into trite, tight and totally outrageous. Although as this point, I should take my own advice. Take what happened last night I was on a return train London Kings Cross to York, when Lo(!) a man made it abudantly clear that I was privileged enough to take his fancy. Lucky me. And fancy he did, in his words ‘Whenever you’re next available love’. Thanks. So far so sleazy. And only twenty minutes since we left London.

On the surface this situation arose as the usual kind of sleazey; kind of creepy, but OK. Until, that is, you factor in that this particular man (creature) was reading The Blokes Guide to Pregnancy. On reflection I do not know what I am more surprised by: One that this book actually exists and IS published or, two, that there is such an admonishment of human faculty that it is OK to chat someone up whilst there is evidence in your own hands of being a complete g*t.

For the record, yes the forthcoming baby was his as he proudly announced in our two hours of travel together. Congratulations I said.

Back to the Facebook scenario; thrown off by the rocking too-and-fro of the East Coast mainline and, lets call him The Bloke, attempts to court in a dreadfully crass manner, I swiftly took to my various gadgets and updated Facebook successfully with

*urghhhhhh! Just hit on by a guy reading, The Blokes Guide to Pregnancy.

How low can you go.

A post that on reflection, whilst amusing could have worked against my favour. Just imagine if one of my friends had been reading the same book! Thankfully I retain friends with as deep a sarcastic and dry humour chip as myself. My point, is that due care and attention is required to safeguard against the reactions of any Fat Sue’s and Management’s runaway/busy hands.

It  is, afterall, a swift and slipperly decline from ‘humourous’ updates to telling notorious stories that could trip you easily into you are a harsh g*t yourself status. Be warned Fat Sue can read. Managers with hands can do many things.

Best to check your privacy settings then…

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