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#946 There’s no Fool like a

Friday 1st April, 2011

Dear Mariann,

Fanny scratching in 18th-century London’s Cock Lane was so notorious that interested bystanders often blocked the street. It became the focus of a religious controversy between Methodists and orthodox Anglicans, and was reported on by celebrities of the period such as Samuel Johnson. Charles Dickens referred to the phenomenon in several of his books, including Nicholas Nickleby and A Tale of Two Cities, and other Victorian authors also alluded to it in their work. One enterprising resident diverted the crowds that gathered in Cock Lane by allowing them to converse with a ghost he claimed was haunting his home, to which hecharged an entrance fee.
From Wikipedia one April in reply to post #345 posting my supervisor is fat

A phenomenon in the making. Today we have such voyeurism via Facebook and how gladly we rush to gape and gawp at all the cocksters.

Some have said that technology is the religion of our times. Those some need to get out more. Incidentally, is this the right time to confess that I don’t do social networks. Not ever. Not for friends, for work, for birthdays, for weddings. Not even if I receive a Friend Request. Never. I believe that all social networking is the most personal and psychological poison – but have faith that one day a Friend Request from the most charming of men will be an open invitation for romance and love – how bizarre is that?

Facebook is the obvious fracture in the middle of this post. It is after-all called a proper FACEBOOK etiquette. Once, I had a very famous sociologist (who shall at this moment remain anonymous – he knows who he is) tell me that not being married automatically disqualified me from ever having a worthwhile opinion on friendships, love and communication. ‘You are‘ (he uttered, whilst drunk on my father’s floor and on the night before my A-Level sociology exam) ‘You are, an interactive recluse.’ Or he could have said ‘an attractive moose’, he was rather smashed by this point in the evening. ‘ And single’, he continued. ‘This is a catastrophe and will hinder all your progress‘. So you can’t be a single sociologist I countered. ‘No, most certainly not’ he replied before passing out and recommending that I buy a Ferrari.

So I have nothing to offer you dear reader as I remain as a single practitioner of social stuff – especially as I am now a Lecturer in Social Media Marketing Professional (no fooling).  I do not have the Ferrari (yet), but neither am I a tumbling around the floor sociologist.

I am, however, increasingly interested in what’s happening to the social world. Facebook friend-culture is a stumbling-around-blindly, often incoherent through communicative diarrhea, and equally incontinent do I know you dribble. There is too much friending of dubious quality – ‘hello, but HOW do I know you?’ and there are some who are keen to perpetuate the friendship myth in a who’s who of their own making.

Thankfully there’s this blog. A cheaper than therapy, more predictable than some incoherent ‘real’ sociological perspective and relatively popular too. After all, you can friend me on Facebook.

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