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#947 it is mother’s day

Sunday 3rd April, 2011

It is mother’s day. There’s no real ‘dilemma’ this time, only this via word of mouth real world conversation; is it OK-aaaaay (my friend is European, long vowel sounds are her thing) to send-e my motheeeeeer only a Facebook message?

Only a Facebook message?! But for what mother wouldn’t be delighted with just this! There’s no interruption or riotous behaviour to Her day as you attempt to ply and treat her with respect via some cheap cut flora’s.

An additional advantage is that you do not have to listen to Mummy complaining about the deterioration of manners, or read the disappointment in her face when your savlon-de-posh are not considered an exciting exchange for all her years of wiping your face clean and keeping your knees free from cuts and grazes. Especially after that visit to the pub last week. Via a Facebook message she can sulk with grandiose self pity. Which is what she really wants to do anyway. Then tut that things are ‘too commercial’. Yes, dear so commercial that you’re only getting a Facebook poke this morning.

Are you interested? I’ve ordered nothing for Mothering Sunday. There is no large oval of chocolate to arrive. Nor plumes that shall be limp and pathetically lisp as a true reflection of the insignificance of what Hallmark want us to buy into. Instead I intend to spoil in my own little way, namely by taking Facebook off the air for a few hours and giving ‘mum’ (who is actually my father – as in a single parent, rather that a cross-dresser) a hearty pat on the back. And a beer in the sun.

Dad/mum will appreciate the above, I don’t log-out for just anyone. So in answer to my European friend with the long vowels, absolutely a Facebook message is more than appropriate. Just don’t expect a response back.  Mum instead will be enjoying stuffing her mouth with chocolate from her other favourite children, whilst de-unfriending you.

This leaves the way clear to send a real Mothering Sunday gift next year; in a the guise of a Friend Request. Splendid.

2 Responses to “#947 it is mother’s day”

  1. Ad Annia says:

    An issue for you. I work in an open plan office and so it is easy to see what others are doing on their computers. We Facebook a lot (boring job selling advertising space but we are in the media). I’ve noticed that one colleague spends a lot of time writing what I think are sexy notes to this man who is not her live in partner. We are friends on Facebook but I cant see this on there. I happened to pass by her desk and there was his photo. I know him as he is a rep for an agency and very married to a woman who is senior to me and works here. She is on maternity leave but my question is should I do anything?

  2. Madge says:

    My husband and I want to know if we should stop one’s son for posting pictures of himself tagged with ‘right royal hunk’. His brother is getting married to soon and we don’t want the new relatives to think he is at their level – some of them have jobs because they say they need money (you know that card thing one’s assistant carries for one). I know standards are slipping but we want keep a distance from the masses and we have had issues with one’s offspring getting involved with unsuitable women – but one would not like to go there.

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