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#950 ~ ‘2b a man is 2have a woman’

Wednesday 13th April, 2011

Dear Mariann,
My husband has taken to being on facebook a lot on recently. I don’t bother with it much but have noticed that an old girlfriend is top of his friends list and that they seem to have a lot to say on each other’s wall. He is 57 and she around 32 and according to him had a thing for him before we met. Should I be worried?

From Old Girl in reply post #341 Strange Pokes in the Night.

You should only be worried if you actually have any respect left for said Husband. It is a surprisingly common situation, and not an instance that one would want to experience on more than one occasion, for a spouse to enjoy any extra-marital activities away from the husband/wife hub and (lo(!)) on Facebook.

It really isn’t done to be snooping in such ways. This reveals the work of someone showing far too much consideration for someone who is divulging too much information and should know better. You sign off your dilemma as ‘old girl’, well certainly not! Old enough, perhaps, to have the perceived wisdom not to take any more of this jibber jabber, but ‘old’ and over the hill.

It is a shame that it is he who is falling into that state where, and to put this into ‘yoff’ speak, 2b a man is 2have a woman. He already has a woman, You.  If I were you, I wouldn’t give him the time of day. Spending time on Facebook, without due care and attention to his one and only. Well, quite frankly, no!And with such abandonment and carelessness as not to realise that Facebook’s algorithms work to reveal not only whom is connected to who, but the closeness of such ties – as in who appears most frequently in NewsFeeds on Walls etc.

As you are clearly more decent than him, simply mentioning that you find his efforts for sociability fall rather below par, will not be enough. If you can be bothered to attempt to re-fan the flames of desire leave him to it. Seriously. He will be so disturbed by the thought of you having any fun away from him that he will will be wearing his leopard print thong before you can Poke him back. If this doesn’t work – and the thong might be the deal breaker here – look on the bright side, you can cancel your marriage and send out invitations to your Divorce party via Facebook.

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