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#951 A birthday – what he should be thinking

Wednesday 13th April, 2011

Dear Mariann,
Do you take at face value when your daughter has declared that she ‘does not want anything‘ for her birthday. Despite it not being THE day yet, there are already messages on her Facebook pages. Is she trying to show off, or is this a test of a father’s love?

From Dad via the sofa and what he should be thinking.

Dad, if that is your real name. Of course she doesn’t really want anything. You should know by now that any woman who makes such a claim is really saying ‘I have high hopes for a pony and this is a test of your faculties to surprise me‘.

Since said daughter is clearly already spoilt by your attentions on her, I’d give her Poke and tell her public displays of birthday smugness are not the mark of a sophisticated grown-up, rather they are a show-off.

But make sure you have something from Prada and you’re covered.

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