Proper Facebook Etiquette

#1953 how to say happy birthday (to me)

Thursday 14th April, 2011

Dear Mariann, Is it adequate enough to post on your Wall ‘happy birthday’, or do you require more attention?
From A.Friend via my Facebook Wall

Let me answer this question with a question; is it adequate enough for me to post back my ‘thanks’ via Facebook, or by way of the above comment do You require more attention?

What say we poke and say that’s enough, as I’m curating these as the Facebook emblem of what is the ‘real’ world equivalent of the birthday card. This way no stamp required and my ego is suitably stroked.

Seriously, I’d like to dedicate this blog post to @mikeyork – my father for those who don’t know, and today is really about the first time I unhinged his world and haven’t stopped since. He’s put up with a lot and I promise to continue to be just as complicated and reckless into my 30s. Thanks Dad, you taught me everything I Know (maybe not Facebook or Twitter though, these are my own un/doing)!

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