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#1957 What are you wearing

Monday 25th April, 2011

Dear Mariann,

I just wondered what you should wear on Facebook? I have some fabulous fashion, which is one the main reasons for dressing up and leaving the house. However, how can I propel such pleasures into the world of Facebook. Friends who know me well associate me with looking good. How should I do it?

From Hei Ashion via email.

I have the same problem. I mean, quite frankly what is a gal to wear? It’s all very well dressing to leave the house, situate oneself in a decent cocktail lounge and head out to the supermarket; but what really matters is what you show on Facebook. I should confess, when I first read your ‘dilemma’ I had thought you were asking what I was wearing and it was going to be ‘one of those’ posts.

Maybe this will turn into one of those posts.

Meanwhilst, I’d describe style as worth pursuing with the same vigour as your attire for leaving the house as on Facebook. You might want your Profile picture to reflect such precision. Think carefully whether you are full-frontal, as in full-length in exposure, or just a neat head-n-shoulders act. There is also the opportunity to update your Profile image as much as you would wear and replace your denim jeans. This varies depends how ‘fashion’ you are. In my fathers case there’s the ‘can these be turned inside out and worn again’ calculation to be made. For others this translates as that denim Victoria Beckham chooses to wear, which costs a mighty £/$500+ and can only be worn once by virtue of their expense and likelihood to fall apart.  The former fashion attitude requires less faffing and changing than the latter. With both you are in danger of looking like a tramp.

At a personal level, I change my Profile as often as my hairstyle. Sometimes quite frequently, other times not at all. The rest of the time I make up as I go along. Like you, mine is a strict image, carefully crafted after hours of looking (not reading) Vogue. Eventually fashion filtrates from magazine pages to ‘real life’ and inevitable Facebook inclusion. Other times its better to tease. I’ve often toyed with the idea of removing all images of myself and replacing these with Kristen Scott Thomas.

Someone might notice though…


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  1. Jarvis says:

    Don’t fancy yours much.

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