Proper Facebook Etiquette

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Friday 29th April, 2011

Open letter; this post is dedicated to the House of Windsor, the Middleton-Middleses, the Tara Noses, the Cameron-Clegg-Couples and all those other little people with whom we have shared so many etiquette extravagances.

The writing of this post literally could not have taken place without the near constant interruptions -and interpretations- from Facebook f*ck ups, while all I had to do was sit back and reflect on what went wrong.

So here’s wishing that everything goes right for the right Royal couple. And that we, the little people, can be showered with the artistic flair and imaginations, which go beyond Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton, for the epitomisation of Britishness (we like satin and waving flags it seems) and gazar.

Catherine, update your status to ‘married’.

This is to you, Catherine and William, Princess and Prince, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, and all those other little people.

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