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#1959 hats with spam

Thursday 5th May, 2011

Dear Mariann
okay i have the security tools virus and tried everything,it will NOT let me download at all, everytime i open a program to download it opens for one second and closes and a security program comes up again, also cannot click my RUN and open anything from there, what else can I do to get rid of this virus , maybe is there another program i can download that my computer will let me, help please and thankyou

From crochet baby hats free patterns in reply to post #345 posting my supervisor is fat

Your spam is amusing to me.

This week I’ve also been the victim of a virus. Summer flu is not amusing. However, updating your Facebook status in order to gain sympathy IS an enjoyable state of affairs. Even if these leave you feeling somewhat flat and deflated as you realise that you, yes you, have become as belligerently boring and incessant as those who post neurotically about cups of tea.

The traditional response to your program problem would be to delete everything and start again. Otherwise video yourself crocheting those baby hats and post the results on the interweb. You’ll be rocking your own YouTube channel before you know it. And I’ll have something to view during the final bouts of my sickness.

Equally, know this, it’s disgustingly vulgar to post such spam to my blog. I hope you feel suitably ashamed and end up totally unheard of.

2 Responses to “#1959 hats with spam”

  1. Hank Erchief says:

    M. Missed your melodic ways on Facebook. Get well soon. Do you have any recommendations for getting over summer flu, I feel a sympathetic virus coming on.

  2. Tutem says:

    M. I am infatuated with a very sexy, but manipulative colleague at work. She has now moved to another building, but I have found her on Facebook. How do I proceed from here?

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