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#1960 with meaning

Thursday 5th May, 2011

Dear Mariann,

In a heated post by my girlfriend on Facebook, she said: ‘I don’t always mean everything I put on Facebook.’ This was a bit of a shock to be honest. And I’m not the only one. In discussion with my friend he thinks the same as I do. We thought that women always said and meant everything. I’m confused is this some kind of taste or one of those double negatives? If so, shouldn’t I be doing anything?… Or should I?

From Con and Fused via email.

Mr Con and Fused, I am A-Mazed that there exist men like yourselves out there. Of course women do not mean anything about everything. Especially that which is posted on Facebook.

Unless of course it’s in reply to something stupid that you  have said, then we are always right and mean everything about anything.

In both instances you are in the wrong and your girlfriend is quite right in that she doesn’t mean a thing. And neither do I.

3 Responses to “#1960 with meaning”

  1. Langfoot says:

    I am old. I am insane and I want to use Facebook. So what are you going to do about it?!

  2. Rowgre says:


    There have been a number of occasions where staff are accessing Facebook without their campus card. To gain access people have to use a card to get online, but they are disturbing others by knocking on windows to see if they will let them into the computer room instead.

    Could I please ask that campus cards are used at all times and that if people have forgotten their card then they should be banned from Facebook.

    Thank you for your comments

  3. Mistake says:

    Should I buy MySpace? It appears for sale and I reckon it’s a bargain. Perhaps you’d like to go halves, or would that be a conflict of interests?

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