Proper Facebook Etiquette

#1964 No exams. No Facebook. No cry.

Friday 20th May, 2011

Dear Mariann,
Just heard you on the radio. Must ask should I stop my daughter from usual Facebook during her exams? She is on it all evening when she says she is revising, but I am worried she is just playing with Facebook.
From York Mother in reply to post #362 Extreme testosterone driven lusts.

Exams. This takes me back. I used to take them. Now I mark them. Oh, the power. Both status establish a huge adrenaline fueled tag team of anxiety and fast relief. Like a bad case of diarrhea after a particularly hot curry. Relief, and sensitivity at the same time.

YorkMother, you should know by now that ‘banning’ of Facebook is going to be wholly ineffective. Honestly I’ve been on Facebook for years now and it’s never damaged my career.

But you are right, exams, or rather revision, should come first. So apply a ring of steel around your daughters bedroom, put away all foolish tools of communication and encourage her into a dark, dark pit of good old-fashioned cramming. We’ve all been there. But now, for your daughters generation, they have friends to share their experiences with and grumble instantaneously. Surely who’s in a relationship with who is considerably more important than statistical analysis or finding out what a tor is.

From your daughter’s perspective you not only won’t be ‘cool’ or down with the other mum’s and dad’s that let her friends do Facebook all day, and on a new smart phone too! But you’ll also find that you’ve disappeared from the evolutionary scale of communication that means it’s the law to always be connected to Facebook.

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