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#1966 tattoo of Facebook

Friday 20th May, 2011

Dear Mariann,
I really LOVE Facebook. So I’m thinking of a getting a tattoo of Facebook written in Chinese characters cos this will make me look more interesting. What do you think?
From Chertsy in Chelsea via a conversation in the Troubadour.

My Chinese is a tad rusty. I did do Chinese character brush writing at school, but this was less translation and more an excuse to get out the paints and lark around for an hour or so. As I put it to you, tattoos are for posers to show off their so called buff bodies and everyone else who’s seen the Hangover part 2 (he gets one on his face in case you didn’t already know / plot spoiler). You can have lots of fun with Google translate. Facebook in Chinese is 注册Facebook! Translate this back into English and you get Gankual Zhuce Facebook or Up for Facebook! I could carry on with this all day, but I’m terribly busy don’t you know.

By the by, where do you intend to put said tattoo, some places are classier than others. I’d be most amused by ‘Facebook’ written on your face. See what I did there.

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