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#1968 curry night

Friday 20th May, 2011

Dear Mariann,
I was eating a take away last night and it occurred to me that if Facebook came to an end is there a way to take away you friends? See what I did there!
From curry night in via email.

Astute evaluation of what will be a friend crisis loaming on the fringes of social networking in the next couple of years. Think on this curry night; what if you wanted to (lo, oh! No!) join a different social network site years from now after the next Mark Zuckerberg has stopped wearing nappies. Facebook won’t just let you take your friends with you. You’d have to start all over again.

Where’s the etiquette in that?

Once you pause, reflect and think on it, it’s all rather less than charming. You sign up, you continue to sign in. They get your data. Don’t set me off on this one, I’m liable to end up like one of MasterMind topic contestants in the hot chair and spouting off on ‘don’t mess with me Facebook’; and ‘it should be my account not your account!’, my final for ten; ‘How your terms and conditions are total gibberish’.

So an inadequate response from me to a very purposeful query from you. You can’t take away that which has already been taken away from you.

Must order a curry.

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  1. Penny says:

    I am superstitious. What are the superstitious I should care about in Facebook? I know never to poke anyone on the 13th as that brings bad luck. I wear a blue top in my profile pic – to protect from witches. I’ve been told that the person who gives the third gift will soon have a baby. A friend tells me if you sleep with the Facebook page a friend who has been married that day you will dream of your future husband. I hope to try this in a few months.

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