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#1970 sleep with a Facebook page

Saturday 28th May, 2011

Dear Mariann
I am superstitious. What are the superstitious I should care about in Facebook? I know never to poke anyone on the 13th as that brings bad luck. I wear a blue top in my profile pic – to protect from witches. I’ve been told that the person who gives the third gift will soon have a baby. A friend tells me if you sleep with the Facebook page a friend who has been married that day you will dream of your future husband. I hope to try this in a few months.
From Penny in reply to post #968 curry night, which it is also tonight.

To answer this properly, it would need to be a full moon, and both you and I will need to be holding a rabbit foot. Tonight, no moon and an old sock will have to suffice. I have mine, I hope that you have yours.

Wearing blue in your Profile pic does protect from witches, but it will attract vampires and werewolves to you door.
Contrary to your advice; poke more as every seventh poke will result in £7s in your bank account and 7 kittens arriving at your door.

Make sure that the first message that you open is also the first friend you want to sleep with.

The person to send the third message will soon have dropsy and their fingers will fall off.

Sleeping with Facebook page/s is one step too far. I suggest you stop such practices immediately.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If u tell an untruth on Facebook always type with one finger crossed

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