Proper Facebook Etiquette

#1971 fuss

Sunday 29th May, 2011

Dear Mariann,
I am expected to go to a wedding dinner with my family. However, I have also been invited by my boyfriend’s grandparents, to a ‘do’ on the beach and who will be offended if I don’t go. Bearing in mind that my family are not on Facebook and that the boyfriends one is, where should I go?

From Olivia via email and a postcard (!) delightful old school.

This is what Facebook was invented for. Obviously your preference is for time with your boyfriends family on the beach.


Prior to this excursion (and rsvp now for beach opportunities as these are too few and far between) update Facebook with some suitably vague status; ‘feeling run down, but really looking forward to that wedding!‘; next day, ‘spent all day in bed watching TopGear, I must be sick!‘; the following day, ‘oh no! Just realised that I might not make it to the wedding, so sick (sad face)’

You get the idea.

This will have several resulting factors, the first being sympathy, especially if status are implemented over this bank holiday weekend. Second, all manner of old wives cure alls will be posted to your Profile page. And finally, a desired communication with family – a conversation that will enable you to situate yourself as magnanimously  concerned for their health as an agreed self-sacrifice to stay ‘home’.

Home in this case being secret code for beach.

Just remember not to post photos or tag anything from beach days. Then you’ll be writing in again and I won’t help you.

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