Proper Facebook Etiquette

#1972 untruths

Sunday 29th May, 2011

Dear Mariann,
If u tell an untruth on Facebook always type with one finger crossed
From Anonymous in reply to post #970 sleep with Facebook

Oh, the comments, emails and twitter-ers that wind their way to me. Like swallows on a dive down from some high flight of fancy crashing past castles in the sky, giants, princesses in towers and all manner of other fairytale types.
I c/should have deleted your comment. Only, it’s the weekend and I am weekending which always promotes a more sympathetic perspective. For you dear reader/s this means that I have hit ‘approve’ rather than ‘spam’ in this instance and you are reading here.

I love a good superstition. It means I can laugh at people in the street who refuse to walk across three drain heads, or folk who hold one collar – or the other, I can never remember which is ‘right’, or ‘wrong’ –  and holla ‘good morning Mrs Blackbird’. There was added confusion here when I was a child, as I had a teacher who not only looked like blackbird, but her namesake was bird related so I thought friends were referring to a relative of hers or some such other familial tie. I later found out I had been misinformed. But only after several buses had run me over, I hadn’t won the lottery and several mirrors had cracked. Apparently these (and especially not sleeping with roses under my pillow) are the reasons that I am not married. Well that’s a perfectly nice state of affairs, thank you.

If I did type with one finger crossed (double jointed) this would only want me to type more untruths if only to make the pain and discomfiture of typing worthwhile. So Anon, I thank you for your comment, and apologise to others reading this for not being a lucky charm.

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