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#1973 an experiment in Bieber fever

Monday 30th May, 2011

Dear Mariann,

As an idle experiment I’m thinking of going onto Facebook to friend the Bieber. Do you think he’ll say ‘hi’ to me?

From Bobby, 14years young in conversation on the train somewhere between Peterborough and York (when the lines running).

Bobby, I can say that you are welcome to try. Having had our conversation in real life, and knowing how delightful you are, how could the Bieber not fall for your Facebook friend attentions. Just ignore that his (his PR) frequent changes of status as this veers from ‘in a relationship‘ to ‘single‘ dependent on how his record sales fair in comparison to GaGa.

Some of us are of an age, and still recovering I might add, to remember what it was like to really stalk your favourite celebrity. Retrospect apologies here to Christian Slater and friends when you were filming Robin Hood Prince of Thieves; yes that twas I running through the pretend Sheerwood forest in a bid to sharpen your arrow point.

Fastforward to Facebook times, Bobby prepare yourself for the Biebermeister to have the articulation appeal of a gnat. A gnat with silly hair whats more. I’ve done some research for you and found that Bieber’s most amusing updates are perfume adverts for his Bieber scent – which I imagine smells like a week old guinea pig that requires a good clean out and his water changing – his other updates refer to what wig to wear.

Bobby, you might want to meet Bieber now, but after a few Facebook status changes you’ll be unfriending and using his scent to clean your guinea pig cage.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bieber – first cyborg pop star – so not real :-)

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