Proper Facebook Etiquette

#1974 reliable honesty

Tuesday 31st May, 2011

Dear Mariann,

How can Facebook be relied upon to be honest?

From D.Fraud via email and an invitation to exchange $s via a Nigerian bank transfer. Still waiting for $s.

Oh, I don’t know there’s something rather compelling about being kept on your toes. What’s honest for one, is a blatant twist of the truth for another. I am always sorry when someone commences a reply with ‘to be honest… (tbh)’ Really, now you’re going to be honest? As opposed to all those moments before when you were lying through your teeth.

I preferred then.

There is much research that upholds the above state of play where ‘tbh‘ underscores a moment in time when the precise opposite is true.

You mention in your longer note (I edited your dilemma for purposes of boredom – natch) you mention; ‘I thought that we were living in a world of fair play and good’. Well, take this as a tsunami of revelation: We’re not. And it’s no wonder your Facebook relations are in the state they are.

You expect honesty? Pah. Next up; how to buy friends with Facebook credits.

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