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#1975 Status update – now i’m the head of FIFA!

Wednesday 1st June, 2011

Dear Mariann,

There is a considerable degree of suspicion that cannot be swept aside; I was the head of a leading organisation – I had a Facebook group all of my own you  know. However, my organisation has seen fit to try to push me aside, despite all my dodgy dealings being in their in/vested interests. I only want to play a friendly game with my friends. Their assumptions are all drawn on inference. No apology has been made. Rumours abound that friends have been bought for votes and swapped for considerable status gain. What gives? Isn’t everyone entitled to play a mucky match?

From Blatter.ered via a Facebook friend request.*declined*

I can tell you’re in a position of a degree of uncertainty. Clearly things are far too close to call, you were acting on impulse, you were acting as the situation saw fit, you were acting with a bit of skulduggery and a lot of backhanders, blah blah blah. It’s all ball play to me.

I’ve had a similar experience this week. During my Olympic ticket purchase, something went wrong(!), resulting in £100,000 being debited from my account and now I’m the head of FIFA.

Who knew, you can’t buy tickets, but you can buy friends.

special thanks goes to @aforkful via twitter for the inspiration for this post.

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