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#1979 Butt face

Thursday 9th June, 2011

Dear Mariann,

My profile pic is of my butt (best feature) should I use facial recognition?
From Jeans in reply to post #978 nude point.

Camera shy are we? I would no more take to Facebook facial recognition than I would throw a perfectly good scone at the wall. Experience tells me that ‘we’ll all be doing it‘ in the future. For the present, you won’t find my visage around any Facebook particulars and I may follow your lead and place my butt as the Profile window to my soul. Or follow these easy and quite handy instructions (thanks Huff post).

Incidentally, next week I’m out in the research wilds and will be deliberating these very issues with students and staff at the University of Lincoln *shameless self-promotion* As I tell my Tales From the Field (this is my academic panama I’ll be wearing dear reader), I will bring facials into the discourse.

On the one hand, it’s not like there’s anything to really complain about, facial recognition is in focus on us every single day as we pass CCTV or that rather attractive hunk at the coffee counter. Both zoom in, take note and pass judgment. Just in entirely different ways.  Of course, you have a degree of certainty with one over the other, it’s not like coffee counter guy is going to arrest you for looking shifty outside Waitrose. Whereas our CCTV friends are likely to have scanned, alerted all local police enforcement and raided all your personal spaces before you can say ‘scones!’

I immediately recommend that you remove your butt. However, etiquette suggests that it’s better to be front-facing than be-hind.

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