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#1983 expedition to vegas

Sunday 19th June, 2011

Dear Mariann,

I’ve just met a rather lovely man with whom I am going to spend the rest of my life. From a past marriage, it is his son’s birthday party this weekend. This involves a small expedition to Las Vegas – so I have been told. I am yet to meet his son, who seems OK – we’re friends on Facebook, and am a little concerned that (given both fathers and sons reputations) that they will enjoy things that I won’t be approving of. I’ve asked to come along, but apparently that isn’t the ‘right etiquette’. Given your expertise, what is the right etiquette?

From Bunny via a Facebook wall post – since deleted.

Vegas, oh the land of bright lights and laps. I had a rather surreal experience that involved a stop-over a couple of years ago on the way back from Hawaii.  We stayed for three nights. We slept for none. I am not ashamed to admit that a thoroughly good time was had by all. Especially those who spent most of their time in a roll top bath perched (precariously) on the rooftop of one of the hotels and overlooking the strip.

Did I mention that a good time was had?  wink*.

You mention in your longer wall post (that I didn’t reproduce in all its entirety *yawn) that the ‘boys expedition also involves a considerable amount of money’. So here we really get to the rub of your dilemma. I suggest that your hang up isn’t father and son roaming the strip, but the cash involved. And one never talks about $s, how vulgar. Why don’t you plan on you own expedition and beat the boys at their own game. Save the embarrassment of the faux pas of ‘begging’ to be included and make up your own fun. You’re an independent woman of independent means, organise a party in their absence. Bring out the roll top bath and shove this on the garage roof – that’ll give the neighbours something to talk about.

When the boys return, make sure you leave the house in a state, preferably with some male models lying around. Then you don’t even need to tell them what happened, they’ll be considerably more impact if you let their imaginations run wild. If they accuse you of a reckless and (given the presence of Chad and his friend Tod straight out Abercrombie) sexist time, then regard it as a good time well spent.

Let your boyfriend and son blunder their way around the house and trip over more party evidence, they will die a thousand times of social embarrassment and never leave you for Vegas again. Oh, and post your pictures on Facebook. Obviously.

*other good times are also available. 

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  1. do you have enquiry page? says:

    Facebook distracts me. Spending about three hours a day on it – work and home – is this too much? I just revisit people and things – got to make sure has changed. Feel have to be there or miss out. Always happens when I’m offline

  2. Penny says:

    I have dandruff and it shows on my FB pics. What can I do about it?

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