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Saturday 25th June, 2011

Dear Mariann,
I’ve written a song as I don’t really like Facebook. Because I want to be a superstar, one of my friends has suggested that I post my song to YouTube and get some Likes. Now I need Facebook, so how can I settle with my anti-Facebook stance?….
From someone just like maddyzam3 via YouTube.

So – let me guess – you’re cute in a female Bieber kind of way, you’ve got a guitar (so you’re already more talented) and you’re going to be the next teen sensation to take to the wifi.

Facebook song maddyzam3 on YouTube

If you’re really like a similar friends on YouTube , I Like your hook. This is incongruous and ironical all at once.What you’re really asking is, given the nature of your tunes, whether it is acceptable for you to be on Facebook.

Yes, so the rest of us can repost and hear the sounds of your scorcher more clearly.

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