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#1986 film grabbing

Saturday 25th June, 2011

Dear Mariann,

It is my birthday and my friends have been watching Bridesmaid‘s, so we are leaving for Tenerife today so they can fight it out in a humorous and film grabbing manner.  One of my friends is going to catch the whole thing on film, threatening unflattering characterture  of everyone.  I don’t want this friend to come along, but they have paid for the accommodation and their wad is bigger than my wad. My fear is that all this is going to be for their amusement to post on Facebook. So what can I do? And are we entitled to royalties?…

From RoseyBurning via movie rights.

Get an agent. Wear sunglasses. Don’t post porn online.

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  1. Vac says:

    Should I declare a Facebook vacation or keep updating while on vacation?

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