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#1987 Shake n vac

Saturday 2nd July, 2011

Dear Mariann,
Should I declare a Facebook vacation or keep updating while on vacation?

From Vac in reply to post #986 film grabbing.

It will do you good to do nothing whilst you are away. I too am departing for sunnier shores.

When I’m hanging with the fabulous set from Capri, shaking my booty and glugging down the Ouzo, there won’t be time to update Facebook. It’ll be vac-sensational. With emphasis on which bikini over which status update.  It wouldn’t surprise me if I bumped into more folk who won’t be Facebook-ing either.

Then we can hit the deck together and smugly arrange a mass upload of images – tagged, obviously – that convey a period of tantamount excitement against a backdrop of what other folk might be doing at home.

Tough on them. Fun on you. Have a nice trip.

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  1. TrainLines says:

    A hot guy on facebook next to me on the train. I can see his deatils. Is it ok to to poke him?

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