Proper Facebook Etiquette

#1988 hot guy on a train (not a new film title – yet)

Tuesday 5th July, 2011

Dear Mariann,
A hot guy on facebook next to me on the train. I can see his details. Is it ok …
From TrainLines in reply to post #987 Shake n vac

Gosh were you on my train today I wonder?  Oh, no ‘hot GUY’. Yes, that does make a difference.

So it was you who was checking out ‘hot guy’. How nosy. How train appropriate. I must tell you about this game I play sometime. The short version goes something like #overheardonatrain. You can derive the rest for yourself.

Very amusing.

So you can see his details, which means that you are now (well) informed on what his name is, his ‘relationship status’, whether he has any family on Facebook and likely where he lives. What on earth do you need me for?!

Go get him tiger.

I suspect there’s to be a railcard for this kind of thing. Not 16-25 for a third off, but ‘using Facebook via wifi’ for a one-on-one. Grr.

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