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#1989 stonkingly obvious

Friday 8th July, 2011

Dear Mariann,

I’ve been following your Twitter feed. You’ve mentioned several times that you have ‘only a few sleeps left until a holiday’, will you be taking us with you too?…

From A.Paynenarse via Google+nudge.

Thank you for drawing this to my attention. Yes, I shall be somewhere else soon. When, where, for what are for me to know and you to nonchalantly wait upon.

And at the risk of losing a Fan, I hate to be stonkingly obvious, but have you thought of going away on your own holiday. You do come across as rather dense not picking up the signals that now is the time for my vacation and not yours. You could in my absence find yourself perched atop the photocopier, staring at the sky and wearing your bikini under your office suit. Or you could just book a flight and go.

My recommendations; The coast of Europe is full of vulgar riffraff (*wink). Whereas two weeks adrift around the local yocal scenes and looking down your noses at the resident bird life, sounds like something that you could well get on with.

*I can neither confirm, nor deny that I will be around these parts.

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