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#1990 nothing better to say

Saturday 16th July, 2011

Dear Mariann,

Like you, I’m on my hols at the moment. There have been several occasions when I’ve wanted to update Facebook, but have nothing better to say than I’m by the pool. Does this merit the effort of pressing a few keys?

GB, by e-mail

Sometimes when there is incoming, I read the words, lounge around for a bit then compose a sparky retort. This time around I really can’t be bothered. It’s a million degrees here, and I note from the time/place stamp of your sent dilemma that your email has been sat there for a while now. Presumably then you’re no longer on holiday and it’s all back to the grind stone.

Of course, if you’re anyone worthy of note you’ve probably got a Google+ invitation by now and are instead speculating not what to say in your status update, but where to say it.  I say, stick around, it’s going to get interesting. Presently I address Facebook and am undressing Google+.

So I hope you enjoyed your holiday and were able to circumnavigate with aplomb such a dastardly dilemma. I’m going to flop back on my sun lounger and continue to ignore more emails like yours.

Incidentally have you circled me yet?….

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  2. GayGuy says:

    I’m out with several guys (being Gay BTW). One is 11 years older than me and want me to move in and get committed. I’m not so sure and think he may just want the status of being with younger and good looking. He has changed his Facebook status to show we are committed but I want to tell him to change it back. Im happy seeing a few guys and want to keep it that way as I like to be independent and not tied down to any big R. I’m thinking about piling from Facebook as my parents and others know me here and it eels more hassle that it is worth. What do you suggest?

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