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#1991 being younger and goodlooking

Friday 29th July, 2011

Dear Mariann,

I’m out with several guys (being Gay BTW). One is 11 years older than me and want me to move in and get committed. I’m not so sure and think he may just want the status of being with younger and good looking. He has changed his Facebook status to show we are committed but I want to tell him to change it back. Im happy seeing a few guys and want to keep it that way as I like to be independent and not tied down to any big R. I’m thinking about piling from Facebook as my parents and others know me here and it feels more hassle than it is worth. What do you suggest?

From Gay Guy in reply to post #990 nothing better to say.

I must be a prude; ‘out with several guys’ – well get you! And here’s me writing to you with a reply on a Friday night. Poised over the keyboard with cake I might add, so I’m not technically alone, nor desolate.

Let us deal with chap no.1. Mr Move In, before we move on to the potentials of no.’s 2, 3 and more. Well, clearly any such moves would rather cramp your style. Are you alternating between chaps, falling asleep with one, while updating your status with another? This, I have on good authority, usually ends any relationship and wrecks ones complexion through the lack of any proper sleep.

It sounds as though you’re squeamish about the whole ‘R’ thang (ya think). One course of action, inform Mr Move In he doesn’t have the requisite wardrobe space for all your suit/ors. Then he shall either bounce back with a virulent jump of joy that you are so thoughtful or dump your arse. Either way perhaps he has no sense at all and you’ll be free! Whoopee!

In short, this is not a biological issue. It’s all about geographic proximation. Move to Google+ add some Suitor Circles and you’ll be fine.

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