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#1994 a line in the sand

Sunday 31st July, 2011

Dear Mariann,

I had, just before Christmas, met the most remarkable woman. In short, she blew  my socks off. She made her feelings known to me in the most wonderful and non-complicated manner. But has since withdrawn her attentions, fearing that she imposed them too quickly on me. There are additional complexities as my ‘situation’ is less free than hers.  On her part there is guilt for foisting her attentions onto me, which I can quite understand. From my part I miss her daily messages and delightful interruptions to my day. She messaged some weeks ago to state that she had met someone else and that she was drawing a line in the sand – in effect ending our communication. I wonder though how she is doing and whether it would be appropriate to remain penpals at least. Do you have any advice for a gentleman who has loved, lost and wants to love again?

From nobleman via an inquiring mind.

Always, if needs must, leave with elegance and dignity. This is how I was raised. Often times such narratives become lost to love, life, lust and luck.  I reason that she misses you as much as your sentiments reveal your true feelings for her.

That or you trick us with your fine, rose-tipped words and are in fact some vulgar stalker seeking to regain the attentions of a young woman who has managed to escape your protestations. Word to the wise, her line in the sand: A test? A reasonable request? Or something else?

For the sake of your long-term romantical health, shack up with a colli.

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