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#1995 How to understand the poke

Wednesday 3rd August, 2011

Dear Mariann,

Maybe I’m autistic, but I never understood the poke. Please enlighten me.

From MrPotatoHead via Skype.

Ah, now this is all about context: As in whom the poke is from, the time of day and what either recipient is inclined to ‘interpret’ from said non-interaction.

Consider how there is a careful temporal, life balance ratio to take into account here. To quote from a cleverer and more observant man than I (I am only mere woman): The poke, if it’s at 3am between people with sexual potential it’s different from two schoolgirls at 11am.

So you’re drinking wine at midnight and find yourself poking a comely face, this is entirely different from it being 08.00am and poking your boss. A poke can offer a freedom of expression all of its own. Although, things get trickier to navigate if you relentlessly poke the same individual, or that individual does not poke back, and/or resides in an altogether different time zone.Then you’re poking at 08.00am thinking ‘hi’ and they’re getting your attentions at 02.00am and thinking ‘Hello!’

In short, if you’re lost for words – as so often is the case – (or shy like I) then a poke can allow for a crossing of bridges or an opening of the incidental kind.

Equally they also stand for pointless, if not slightly crass, light relief. Still I’d rather be poked than not at all.

Let the poking commence.

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  1. Rude says:

    I can’t get a guy to back off. We had a brief thing but I was not that into him. Now he keeps annoying my friends and following me on Twitter. I have told him to S*** Off but the message is not received.
    So how rude do I get?
    I could Tweet not nice things about him and mess with his friends on Facebook (we went to same college)

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