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#1996 I can’t get a guy to back off

Friday 5th August, 2011

Dear Mariann,

I can’t get a guy to back off. We had a brief thing but I was not that into him. Now he keeps annoying my friends and following me on Twitter. I have told him to S*** Off but the message is not received.
So how rude do I get?

I could Tweet not nice things about him and mess with his friends on Facebook (we went to same college).

From Rude in reply to post #995 How to understand the poke.

Surely nothing is too extreme if it means saving your good graces? I’m sure this chap  is thoroughly on the level – just a bit too keen. We’ve all been there – enamoured with a certain someone and been too keen to be cool. Worse things have happened.

Although it must be  fiddly trying to stay out of his way, I expect that this is best done removing yourself from his various feeds. So no updates, no messages, no phone calls, no texts. Nothing. Then you don’t have to worry about any ‘mess’ with him.

In short, unfriend. *sigh*

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