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#1997 mob rules

Monday 8th August, 2011

Dear Mariann,

I was out late night shopping this weekend. Please could you recommend where I can return my new laptop? This was acquired after Facebook made me go to Comet in Brixton.  My new trainers are also the wrong size.


From ‘100s of yoff’ via The Sun.

Such an old-fashioned world in which you reside. Are you suggesting taking consumer goods back to the shop from whence they came? Surely not. I have it on good authority that if you check your BBM, this shall reveal the new location of some such other late night shopping event.

If you think that the modern good citizenship of crowd control would be disrupted by such simple mob ploys, then I counter that you are wrong! And may those Facebook tagged images catch you in the act!

There are parts of the capital city where it is mandatory for Footlocker to stay open through the night, and T-Mobile have to accommodate any changes to phone tariffs regardless of the fire bombs or find themselves prosecuted for techno partiality.

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  1. Self-righteous says:

    Dear Mariann, In several instances people who are not close friends, nor people I see often, but with whom I am friends on Facebook, are saying things about the recent rioting that I find utterly objectionable and bigoted. I feel tempted to put them in their place, but then can’t be bothered because stupid people never listen anyway. Unfriend? there are genuine friends in common.

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