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#1998 self-righteous

Wednesday 10th August, 2011

Dear Mariann,

In several instances people who are not close friends, nor people I see often, but with whom I am friends on Facebook, are saying things about the recent rioting that I find utterly objectionable and bigoted. I feel tempted to put them in their place, but then can’t be bothered because stupid people never listen anyway. Unfriend? there are genuine friends in common.

From self-righteous in reply to post #997 mob rules.

Yes, I’d noticed this too. It is rather tempting to pass a warning shot over their bows, but I worry that such barbed sarcasm will either be ignored or ‘not got’, or just fuel the flames of more objectionable and bigoted remarks.There are so many times a day one can press unlike before tedium and the real RSS (Repetitive Strain Syndrome) sets in.

These may be Walls to post upon people, but they do have ears. Or rather eyes and networks in this case. But the metaphor stands.

I’ve ‘other friends of friends’ who have also started to embed pictures and video. Just like those that rascally paper the Daily Mail has got hold of. These kinds of people yoff are only after one thing. So either put in an order to Footlocker, or be done with it. Should this type of content appear, remember that once they’ve tagged and sold all their new gear on eBay, you’ll never hear from them again.The Met are on Facebook too your perps!


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  1. Sally says:

    Not so much a question but an observation. I have the way Facebook tells you what A levels everyone got and the way you can’t not put your results on it. I missed the grades I wanted and feel down when I see all those with good grades.

  2. Not a joke says:

    Love the site and know it is less serious in tone but I have a serious question.

    Since the riots in London and I had realised how public my Facebook activities were. What worries me is that it is easy to think you are in a conversation with friends and on such occasions we make jokes and muck about in general. It may not be in good taste – in the view of some – but I made a few jokey comments about raiding Harvey Nicks or Burger King. I was not seriously advocating anyone does this – just joking with my friends. Now I read about people being locked up because the authorities have been checking Facebook. Should I worry – well no I don’t think so – but the serious point is can any of us ever use Facebook again without being very careful about what we say?

    Am I right in that Facebook is always open to the police or any agency that might what to poke about into what we think are private conversations?

  3. Apprehensive says:

    You made a few decent factors there. I looked on-line for the concern and found most people will go in addition to with your site.

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