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#2001 good advice for us freshers

Friday 2nd September, 2011

Dear Dr
I am now going to Uni and I wonder if you have any good advice for us freshers about how we should use Facebook. Do you have perhaps five top do’s and don’ts? I have read some of your advice to people but there is a lot to read and I was hoping for a quick summary.

From Abbi in reply to post #1000 muck.

Abbi, congratulations on your Higher Education achievement. I wonder if you’ll be one of my shiny new students come October, here’s hoping.

Onto notes on Fresher’s and Facebook.

1. Use Facebook – YES! File this under statement of the bloomin obvious. Easy ways to get to know your fellow Fresher’s include joining society Group pages, Liking relevant Fan Pages for residential colleges etc. these methods allow for a quick and easy scope as to who is who before you arrive on Day One with a suitcase overflowing and food parcels to last a full term. Thus, you will be ideally placed to know where the nearest bar is, recognising who you would prefer to bunk down with and where to hide the Jaffa Cakes.

2. BEFORE you arrive at university think about how you will integrate your new ‘uni friends’ with  your ‘old’, no ‘established’ ‘at home’ friends. It is inevitable that you will find yourself inadvertently disregarding one or the others feelings via the sharing of too much or too little information. A simple procedure is under Friends to Manage friend list so that you can arrange either new or old friends into the same feeds and Profile Page content. This is useful if:

a. you have lots of friends (popular),

b. have taken the opportunity at university to advance a new personality or persona,

c. have nosy family ‘at home’ who want to keep an eye on you and should not be unfriended (yet)

3. Most universities have additional service pages such as library content. Equally there are some academics (like me) who will post pre-course material via Facebook, so before your lectures in week one you will be ahead of the game and everyone will want to steal your notes.

4. NEVER in Fresher’s week update your relationship status. You’ve only just met, this is not for life, you will not get married and no-one is that interested anyway being too busy doing what you’re doing, i.e. having a good time.

5. NEVER dump your previous other half via Facebook. This is neither classy nor polite.

Final bonus tip, keep reading this blog. Oh yeah.

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  1. Henry says:

    I can’t find my CTU group

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