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Tuesday 6th September, 2011

Dear Mariann
I enjoyed your top advice to new students. I want to ask if I should make up a new profile so my new uni mates wont get to see my school history and friends?
From Fresher in reply to post #1000 muck

Yes. Just don’t mix them up.

Since that was such a short reply, chew on the following: There was once a Fresher who went to university. She enjoyed a long-distance relationship with her love from home. Then one night in the uni bar she was wooed by a hunk on the rugby team. They became lovers and her boyfriend never knew. How? This was BF (Before Facebook).

On reflection of the above, it is then always a good idea to assess the immediate social situation, this requires a Facebook-benefit analysis on all your social interactions. Tot up precisely how much you are involved with one set of friends against another (don’t forget to include potential extended family on Facebook, they are nosy too). Into this you must then factor your own enjoyment.  This is your own analysis ratio, I couldn’t possibly give you an exact percentage for this as it depends on the your social faculties and how shallow you are. As a rough guide there’s a steep differential between a perfectly poised Queen of etiquette where others come first, against a low down dirty rat.

When in doubt, treat others as you would be done by. Finally, keep your updates to at least a ten-minute rotation to ensure that mummy and daddy know you are alive, to let your new uni friends know the kind of friend they have friended and your old (boring) home friends to have something interesting to read – they will require entertaining and your life is way more exciting right.

Finally, if you can’t remember anyone’s first AND second name, then unfriend theirs is clearly a drunkard connection and not worth pursuing.

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