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#2003 a bit perturbed

Tuesday 6th September, 2011

Dear Mariann,

I have had a recent friend request that has left me a bit perturbed. A long time ago ex-boyfriend’s mother communicated that we should be friends. At the time when I was dating her son/s we never spoke. So what next?

From Ms ALright via email.

This is a deceptively simple dilemma. First your situation requires a brief translation: What is occurring here is that Mum has realised that either one or the other son (don’t think for a second I didn’t notice that you let slip you were ‘dating’ both ‘son/s’!!!) must find a nice wifey and you don’t seem that fussy in terms of dating activity. So you can Friend and be quickly led into various rounds of dates, stilted conversation and Wall posts (I also predict hastily put together Relationship Status updates). OR you can ignore the Request like any normal person and reflect on the fact that Mum has likely reached the point in her life when she will have to tolerate both sons having failed to palm either off onto you.

I would be quick to tone down my single-edged status on your Profile Page, so that you do not continue to receive unwelcome incoming from previous not-yet-in-law other peoples parents. Make sure that your Profile is showing cheap tat, this means tacky semi-naked pictures and obviously posed self-portraits in the most unflattering manner possible. This should put off any self respecting parent. Unless they are nutters.

Definitely do not Friend.

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  1. Grace says:

    I need some advice about the “subscribe” button that has been added to Facebook. I think it lets me allow people who are not friends to see my public updates in my News Feeds but I’m not sure. Would I know if anyone had subscribed? What is the etiquette about using the “subscribe” button and managing friends? Thanks for you wise words

  2. I have never been so disappointed – after hours spent on researching on the Internet, I couldn’t find any useful site that would make me not worried about it. After that I found your text and I felt satisfied. You are my master!

  3. Is this where I put questions? says:

    Found you on the radio and here is my dilemma. I’m not your average Facebook person as I’m in my 40s. I got involved with this bloke at work who turned out to be a complete lair and bad news (I’m separated and no going back – except still sleeping with her!!!!). So left that job and have a nice new one. But he keeps trying to follow me and pick up on what I do on the Web. I have changed my phone, moved house and I am worried that he may still seek me out. Should I do anything else to keep him anyway from Facebook – I use it keep up with friends.

  4. Anon says:

    I don’t want my boyfriend to be able to follow me when I go to Uni on Facebook. OK I don’t want the hassle of him checking up on me and anyway I’m that into him. How can I cut him of without him knowing?

  5. Fluffy says:

    My dissertation supervisor is too strict and expects me to do my own analysis – should I unpoke?

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