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#2004 is this where I put questions?

Wednesday 14th September, 2011

Dear Mariann,

Found you on the radio and here is my dilemma. I’m not your average Facebook person as I’m in my 40s. I got involved with this bloke at work who turned out to be a complete lair (liar I assume) and bad news (I’m separated and no going back – except still sleeping with her!!!!). So left that job and have a nice new one. But he keeps trying to follow me and pick up on what I do on the Web. I have changed my phone, moved house and I am worried that he may still seek me out. Should I do anything else to keep him anyway from Facebook – I use it keep up with friends.

From is this where I put questions? in reply to post #1003 a bit perturbed.

Hmmm you cannot protect yourself too much. I recently discovered that an exes mother was ‘stalking’ me on Facebook. Why? who knows, and how did they get through my Privacy Settings? because Facebook had a Privacy update and my Profile was reset to the sites default, i.e. OPEN. But enough about me, more about you; I like to advocate a relaxed style to social networks, a friend (yes really this time) was once tagged in a series of naked shots taken by their neighbour as they performed their daily salutation to the sun in the ‘privacy’ of their bedroom. It was only after the pair were ‘friends’ on Facebook that romance blossomed and all the initial creepy camera stalker stuff came to spell love. Aw!

Then one of our couple changed their Relationship Status to ‘single’ – ‘for a joke’ – and the other one untagged themselves from all their shared content. On Facebook this spelled ‘divorce’. After a fortnight they were ‘unfriends’.  Sad tale. Moral: Do not go out with anyone who has taken naked photos of you before they have bought you a Chablis.

Nothing is private anymore, especially if your posterior is in the air.

So far you’ve taken action to 1.change jobs, 2.move and 3. get a new a phone. Enough said, the guys a psycho and should be treated accordingly. This means no Friending, not even for curiosity sake and absolutely no ‘checking in’ on Facebook location, otherwise you are likely to find yourself with a real time and real location intrusion into your real life. And this is no joking matter.

Before I fall into cliche’s you may also want to reconsider having any Profile at all on any SNS. Or if you do running a double page that separates the favoured friends from the unfavourable fiends.

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  1. 蒼井らそ says:

    Dear Facebook Professor,
    Would be kind enough to respond to my question.? With some friends I am about to start university in England. We come from China and use RenRen which is like Facebook in China. We are told that we should use Facebook here as other students will be using it and in induction pack was a notice about you. My question is should Chinese students use Facebook for there university? Will it be easy for us to use as well as RenRen? I am not sure if Facebook will respect the way Chinese people use RenRen or Pengyou?

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