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Thursday 15th September, 2011

Dear Facebook Professor [take note usual readers this is how I would like to be addressed from now on],
Would be kind enough to respond to my question.? With some friends I am about to start university in England. We come from China and use RenRen which is like Facebook in China. We are told that we should use Facebook here as other students will be using it and in induction pack was a notice about you. My question is should Chinese students use Facebook for there university? Will it be easy for us to use as well as RenRen? I am not sure if Facebook will respect the way Chinese people use RenRen or Pengyou?
From 蒼井らそ in reply to post #1004 is this where I put questions?

蒼井らそ,  Just charmed to hear from you. Yes I will be so kind. Welcome to the UK and to University – are you to be at Durham?… Enough with the introductions; you are likely to miss out on many welcome events and Fresher Week/s activities if you do not sign up to Facebook.  I appreciate (through first hand experience as I ‘get around’) that RenRen and Pengyou are actually better than Facebook (yes Western Reader’s this is true).  However, as these networks are as popular in your immediate location you would do well to join with Facebook. Think of this as part of the rich cultural experience of University life.

So just as you will find yourself joining and not attending all the societies in Fresher’s Week, so you should join Facebook.  This will also help through the winter months and out of term time activities when University life can get a bit tedious if you are far away from home. Then you can spend time refining your Profile and tagging photos of Christmas cake. Don’t believe me, pop back here in just before the festive months and see what kind of enquiries I receive.  There will be cake related notifications I promise you.

Of course if you find yourself attending University events and decided that the student population is not funky enough for you, by not joining Facebook you’ll be free to keep away from these groups. Still it would be a shame to miss out on the Astrological, Mountain Bike and Submarine societies all of which I joined in my ‘youth’.

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  1. CTI says:

    Can you get flu from a poke?

  2. ANON says:

    This is most interesting. I am from China and a postgrad in England. Chinese people should think about if the authorities in China may look at Facebook. Remember RenRen, Kaixin001 and Sina Weibo operate in China because the authorities allow them. China is not a free society.

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