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#2006 flu

Friday 16th September, 2011

Dear Mariann

Can you get flu from a poke?

From CTI in reply to post #1005 Facebook prof

Surely it’s advantageous to not have any pokes, then nadda flu, comprende’ – think of all those extra hours you can spend feeling fine under the duvet.

The answer to your question is, no.

The answer to my ramblings is to convince others of a ‘sickness’, then pull out from things last minute and take an afternoon under the duvet with the full boxset of 24 all to yourself. Golly I can feel a touch of the ol leprosy suddenly flaring up again.

Remember though who you’ve told you are ‘really’ sick to, just in case you go out, get merrily drunk and then have to face up to the humiliation of having to explain your sudden recovery. Jack Bauer won’t save you then.

3 Responses to “#2006 flu”

  1. Is it true that ones help can be on Facebook? If so is there a Facebook for my kind of people?

  2. CTU 3 says:

    I hate how FB has messed with the look of my page and my data – be nice if you were asked and could say NO !!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What makes Facebook get to decide what my friends’ top news is? I don’t like this top news feed. I wish they would just leave facebook alone.

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